Calgary Pet Portrait Locations

Australian Cattle Dog

Portrait of an Australian Cattle Dog

Pick the Perfect Spot for your Photoshoot

When you are looking for the perfect portraits for your furry friend, you want to make sure the location is a good fit for both you and your pet family member. We shoot in many different locations around Calgary, and you can always choose the place that best suits your tastes. This could include your own home or yard, your favorite Calgary park, or we can also do your pet photography session at my Calgary home studio if you prefer.

Calgary Pet Portrait Locations

I have compiled a great list of some of the best locations for photography sessions in Calgary. Here are a few of my favorite spots from that list:

  1. The Big Rock and the City Skyline – For all of your hip pets the Big Rock overlooking the city skyline may be the perfect location. The rock itself is covered with graffiti (which makes for very interesting portraits) and behind the rock is a great view of the city.
  2. South Plaza at City Hall – City Hall is a favorite shooting location for many people who want outdoor photos. We This spot has a nice grassy lawn, beautiful views of the city and Calgary Tower, and the glass and metal of city hall itself provides a beautiful backdrop. Olympic Plaza is right across the street from City Hall and it is another great spot to go for portraits.
  3. Edworthy Park – Edworthy Park is one of the most popular shooting locations for pets in Calgary. This park is full of beautiful grassy areas and walking trails. You will also have access to the Bow River and the railway tracks pass through the park in a sweeping S-curve that is perfect for family and pet photos.
  4. Jack Setters Park – Jack Setters Park is another park with grassy areas that are perfect for the pets. The park has many trees in long straight which make a gorgeous background for families and pets.
  5. Carburn Park – Carburn Park is the perfect location for anyone who loves nature. The park has many shady areas with beautiful scenery. There are also many animals that frequently roam the area like deer and ducks. This location is best for pets that are tolerable of other animals.

There are many more locations in the Calgary area that are great for your pet portraits. Choose a location that will fit your pet’s personality. Whether you want pictures taken outside or indoors, there is something to fit any occasion.

Book a Pet Photography Session

I have very limited availability for evening and weekend sessions; the sooner you call to Book your Calgary Pet Portrait Session the better chance you have to get the date and time that you need!

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Summer Pet Portrait Sessions Booking Now

Spring Dog Photography

Spring Dog Portrait in the Bow River in Calgary

Summer Pet Portrait Sessions

We’ve had such a long drawn out winter and a strange spring in Calgary and so it’s almost shocking to realize that summer is just around the corner! But it’s true. Very soon we will have plenty of beautiful weather and lots of green grass in the parks around the city. It’s already time to book your summer outdoor family and pet photography sessions.

Pets are more than just cute cuddly creatures that follow their family around; they truly are a member of the family. We make sure that your pet receives just as much attention in their photos as their humans do (if the humans want to be photographed at all). We have so much experience with pet photography that we know how to bring life and character into the portraits of your dog (or your cat, horse, rabbit, or whatever other animal you treat as part of your family) and you will be proud to show off the beautiful memories that we create for you.

Whether you want portraits of your pets sitting quietly by your side, or showing off their true colors while running through the a field or chasing a ball, we can meet your needs. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for beautiful wall portraits to hang in your living room or if you just need a few gift prints for family members of for your desk work, getting great pictures of all of your family members is very important. We will work with you to create the images that you need.

Book your Pet Photography Session

We have very limited availability for evening and weekend sessions in the summer season; the sooner you call to book your Calgary Pet Portrait session the better the chance you will have to get your preferred date and time. Sessions can be done at a location of your choice or we can suggest a few great places…

Call Sean at 403-615-3708 to book your pet photography session today!

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